Win and Fail Sunday

I’ve been smashing through crochet projects this week finishing headbands left and right, and perfecting my crochet cupcakes before they hit the shelves of my Etsy store.

Last night I ventured a little further into the realm of woollen toys and attempted that thing on Pinterest where you make a knit/crochet square into a bunny rabbit with some stuffing and a few simple stitches. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Mine turned out looking like a phallus from most angles.

Liz; 0 Pinterest Fail; 1

If you’d like to attempt the one square bunny I buggered up but my nan could’ve made in her sleep; here’s the link;

In the win column, I present to you yet ANOTHER mug cake recipe! Only this one is good. Like, really really good. I’ve been through four other recipes and this is one I’d happily serve as dessert to friends. Hubby stared at his for a minute, ate the whole thing then asked for another one so he could put ice cream on top. A brilliant addition. I’d add a photo of how mine turned out but I keep eating them before it even occurs to me to ‘gram my wonderful treat.

As always I have the magic that is Pinterest to than for introducing me to my new favourite recipe through Table for Two blog run by a wonderful woman called Julie.

Link to mind blowing treat you could be eating in less than 3 minutes is here;

Liz; 1 Pinterest Fail; 1

Wish me luck as I attempt to crochet my first doll!

Liz x