That ‘full fridge feeling’ means more than I can tell

Nothing can beat the feeling when my little girl comes running into the kitchen with her empty bowl and food on her face saying, “More please, Mummy! More!” and actually having more to give her.

This is it. This is what I prayed for as a kid on the nights I went to bed hungry. Lottie is sound asleep with a full tummy, in warm pyjamas in her own cozy little bed. I longed for this, I worked for this, and Hubby and I created this – Full cupboards, safe home, loving family.

Whenever I think I’m messing up motherhood, I look at Lottie and remember she’s clothed, fed, there’s a roof over her head and shoes on her feet. Then I go and make whatever donation we can that week to The Smith Family, particularly their program to sponsor disadvantaged school children. If that program had been around when I was a little girl perhaps there would’ve been a few less hungry nights, missed excursions, ripped or too small uniforms and ‘borrowing’ an apple from a friend’s lunchbox everyday I could pluck up the courage to ask.

There’s no changing the past, but we can all change someone’s future. Whether it’s our own kid or one we’ve never met.