Babycinos at home

My latest ‘freegan scavenger’ addition to our home is 2 x black bar chairs that have somehow transformed the end of our kitchen bench into our very own coffee bar. A neighbour was moving and put them on the kerb and I’m so glad I got to them first. As I type this Lottie and I are sitting at our little coffee bar, nespresso latte & babycino in hand deciding whether to visit the library or the park today.

Going for coffee has always been somewhat sacred to me. The little luxury that I never took away from myself during the hardest years – from living alone while trying to finish school at 17, to struggling through my first year at uni and most importantly, the first exhaustingterrifying, magical year as a mother. I discovered my favourite barista and coffee place at 6.30am one morning after walking a screaming 5 month old up and down the local streets since 5am. We were just there yesterday. Lottie ordered her own babycino and paid with money I’d given her for her change purse while remembering her manners.

The $5 (a latte and banana bread or when Lottie got older; a latte, babycino and a biscuit) indulgence was a constant source of comfort and routine for me. And ‘coffee money’ will definitely be factored into the maternity leave budget next time around. The change of scenery, fresh air and people coming up to coo over your baby and make conversation is a big part of the experience. And something I will always be grateful for. But today, we are well into the toddler years and whipping up our daily coffees at our own little cafe at home is proving to be a highlight of our day.

Whether it’s a daily caramel latte, a monthly subscription to a magazine that has NOTHING to do with babies or a weekly class just for you – we all have a ‘me’ thing that helps us through the tough times and it should be factored into our lives.

Liz x

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