Calming down

I’ve gotten myself too busy and worked up over to do lists, house work and always pushing towards whatever is next. The last few weeks I’ve made it a priority to calm down.

I’ve worked hard to create a cosy, stylish and welcoming home and I’ve found tha abundance of fluffy throws, nice cushions, candles and family photos to be extremely calming and comforting as I force myself to put aside my day planner and enjoy a cup of tea each day.

Doing small bits of big events in advance has also helped. 4 weeks until anniversary; hubby’s gift is done. 6 weeks until Lottie’s big 3rd birthday; cake ordered, party dress done, gifts bought. Most of her 1st birthday was a mad rush. It’s my mission to enjoy her birthday with her instead of being stuck in the kitchen this year.

Today I will take a deep breath and let go.

Liz x