‘Seasons’ of life

One of my favourite vloggers, Jamerril Stewart, referred to the seasons of her family’s life in a video where she tells the story of how her blog/vlog & website – The Encouraging Homeschool Mom & FreeHomeschoolDeals.com brought her husband home full time.

The way she spoke about how being home together as a family while their children were young was what they wanted to achieve at this stage in their family life and how it was working for this ‘season’ perfectly articulated how I try to describe the changes we have made in our own family over the past 4 years.


A new season started for our little family in Jan 2016 when I went back to work full time. Both my husband and I work full time while 3.5yr old Lottie attends long daycare/preschool 5 days a week. I was nervous about taking the plunge and accepting the job offer because of the monumental change it would bring to our lives but I’m glad I did it. There is the occasional “I want to stay home and play” day (for us as well as Lottie!) however not as many as I expected. We have had zero cling-to-mummy’s-leg daycare drop offs and Lottie is thriving in preschool. She loves her teachers, friends, lessons, the playground and the food. And honestly, we couldn’t be happier with the service. Lottie being across the road from Oli’s office definitely calms my mind while I’m across the bridge at work.

We’ve learned so much since becoming a ‘Full Time Family’ and the best part of my day is the bus ride home together where we all catch up about our day on the way home to dinner, bath and bedtime stories.

I guess I could split the past 4 years into 4 seasons; Pre-Mummy, Studying SAHM, Shift Work Circus, and Full Time Family.

This season in the life of our family has brought it’s own delights and struggles. Discovering, enjoying, overcoming and building upon them has been quite the journey which I will write more about as we continue down this road.

Liz x