Full Time Family

Every family has their own rhythms and routines which change and evolve to suit work schedules, growing kiddos, financial commitments and new additions.

This week I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned, the trials and errors, and the pleasant surprises my family has experienced this year with both my husband and I working full time and little Lottie tackling 5 days a week of preschool.

We’ve tried a few different approaches to work as Lottie has grown;

  • I worked from home, run house & errands, take care of baby Lottie, Hubby in full time work.
  • I worked part time shifts, most of housework and toddler Lottie spent  2-3 days in family daycare. Hubby full time work.
  • Me & Hubby both full time, “big girl” Lottie in long day preschool close to a parent’s workplace 5 days a week. Majority of housework and errands tackled on weekends.

So far, this is really working for us at this particular time in our family’s journey. We’ve discussed a few other arrangements and depending on whether my husband decides to take on more study (I’ve been studying online since Lottie was born and have collected a few handy certificates in business however his field would require on-campus classes), one of us changes jobs, we have any more children or we decide to move house again we’ll probably change it up again at some stage in the future.

I love reading about other families and how they approach money & work, raising kids and building family assets such as paying off a house. What works for your family?

Liz x