Full Time Family; Business Trips

You know you’ve turned a corner in your life when business trips go from exciting and productive to dreaded. Travelling for work is inevitable for a lot of people and occasionally Hubby and I are among them. Things have a way of turning into – ice cream for dinner, 10pm bedtime, late for school because socks aren’t in the same drawers as they used to be – real fast.

My Work Trip Check List

  • Groceries done, clothes clean

If I’m on my own with Lottie, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is stop by Coles because we need something for dinner. Having a meal plan and the ingredients on hand after dragging a tired and grumpy child home on the bus with no help from your SO is one less thing to worry about. Clean PJs and day care clothes ready to go is another life saver.

  • Skype

No brainer. If daddy reads the bedtime story or little one can’t sleep without a goodnight kiss from Mummy then Facetime or Skype will help the home parent settle kiddo down for bed and be a sweet reminder for the away parent what they do it all for.

  • Itinerary – for both of you

Put the away parent’s schedule on the fridge for little one to check in on. It helps them feel involved and lowers anxiety if they know what to expect. Taking a quick list of events the family back home have on  means you don’t miss anything important and can check in on how that excursion went or if the home parent’s presentation at work went well. Stay connected.

  • Home time! – Bring gifts and be prepared.

For my kid at least, she’s not going to be hanging off my leg at the airport if she knows I’m bringing her back a gift in 3 days. Something as simple as a funky magnet (or in our latest case, a pencil with a topper shaped like a Melbourne tram) brings closure to the trip, reminds them that mum/dad was thinking of them while they were away. Same goes for the home parent who’s been going it alone. And be prepared for unmade beds, unwashed dishes and empty McDonald’s bags.