All is calm, all is bright

December is such a whirlwind. Family, friends, shopping, cooking, noise, wrapping up at work and keeping up at home knocked the wind out of my sails this year. 

Regardless of the manic moments leading up to the day, this Christmas was wonderful. Watching our little angel poke at her presents on Christmas Eve and fuss over the perfect carrots for Santa’s reindeer were beautiful little moments. Someone once said that they thought being a kid at Christmas was the best then they had children and discovered having kids at Christmas was even better – they are so right. 

After a beautiful Christmas Day spent in true Australian style with family, sunshine, white wine and good food by the beach we took a little break to the country to recalibrate and round off the holidays.

I’ve shared about this beautiful retreat on the NSW South Coast before. It is one of the calmest and most stunning places I’ve ever been. Perfect for a quick escape to the country to clear the head and reset the soul. 

Hubby genuinely surprised me with a beautiful oil painting set for Christmas. I took so many photos to serve as inspiration as I re-discover drawing and enter the brave new world of oils in 2017.

I hope you and yours had a merry and bright Christmas 🎄💕✨

Liz x

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