Thrift shop haul

I’ve started small on our ‘war on waste’ journey. Carrying a keep cup, using stainless steel refillable coffee pods, refusing plastic and unnecessary packaging, cold wash cycles and making use of the soft plastic recycling. The next thing I want to tackle is clothing.

I am starting with myself and plan to go as long as possible without buying any brand new clothes. If I need something I will head to Vinnies, Goodwill or The Smith Family and buy second hand.

This is today’s Goodwill haul at their end of year sale.

  • Black puffer vest, Witchery
  • White and black stripe turtle neck top, Seed Heritage
  • Black tie top, Witchery
  • Black wool knit sweater, Country Road
  • Black zip up jacket, Witchery

Total = $14.50

About 50% of my wardrobe has been thrifted over the years but this is probably my best haul yet as far as value for money goes.

Where are the best thrift shops in Sydney? I have a few local ones near me but they aren’t the best as far as selection goes. My local Vinnies children’s section is literally a box on the floor 🙄 and this particular Vinnies shop prices damaged second hand clothes almost double the price of similar items brand new at Kmart or Target so I am desperate for some tips!

Liz x

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