Reusable coffee pods

I haven’t thrown out a coffee pod since July 2017 thanks to my stainless steel reusable Seal Pod from Crema Joe.

I love our Nespresso machine dearly. It was a wedding gift and a massive boost to being more frugal in our daily lives, but the wastefulness of cheap supermarket pods bothered me and I couldn’t always get to a Nespresso boutique or florist to recycle the branded pods – it was time for an alternative.

While Saturday brunch at one of our amazing local, independent cafes is always amazing, it’s a special treat and no longer a weekly routine for us. Brunch money stays in the bank while I whip up lattes and avocado toast in our own kitchen.

Liz xx

p.s. Expressi pod users can register to be notified by when their Expressi size reusable capsules are available! Here’s the link

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