Crochet Diploma: Module 8

Intro to Design. This module guys, oh my goodness. So much math.

This module introduced the idea of creating your own patterns and provided equations for working out where to place increases and decreases.

The first parts were about finding inspiration and working with drape. All good so far. We created some swatches of different yarns – wool, cotton, acrylic, free choice treble crochet, and compared them. Next came the sizing lesson. This was amazingly useful! I always added a bit of space to baby jumpers but learning the exact measurements for “wearing ease” and “design ease” was like a light bulb going on in my head. I’ll be keeping those notes for future reference.

My treble crochet, acrylic swatch

It was lesson 3 where my trouble began. Lesson 3 – Shaping, broken into two sections Increasing with a formula and decreasing with a formula. Maybe I am just a bit thick but I was very good at algebra in school and have never had a problem adding increases to my own project but this module did my head in!

I had my pen and paper ready and scrolled down the increasing formula section. And scrolled. And scrolled. And scrolled. WTF? My year 10 math exams weren’t this long. Anyway, I managed to get through the first part of what I thought was a 3 part equation. So I subbed in the measurements to t (c) – n = x and got an answer. Ok good. Then it went wonky. The next equation seemed to be working out a number which was actually a constant (tension) and was already given? After that the height added equation was arranged in such a way that I was getting answers like 270 metres?

I know this is geometry but I don’t understand it either.

Now I resigned myself to the fact I might just be thick, had a go at the assessment and only answered half the one question that uses this equation. Later that night I put my notes in front of my data analyst husband. He had me pull up the original lesson, rearranged the equations and after hitting the same issues I did working manually with pen and paper, said he’d just build me an excel calculator for me to use in my own design work.

Now this might just be my experience of it not clicking in my head but please let me know if you do this course and you have trouble with this section too. I have my own calculations for working out where to place increases so I think I will stick with those.

Overall, a bit of a frustrating module.

Happy Hooking!

Liz x

EDIT: I passed this module with a score of 87%

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