Crochet Diploma: Module 9

On we march to Module 9: Shawls & Scarves. A lot of the remaining modules follow the same format – introduce item, yarns, yarn amounts and tension, then a pattern for that item.

In this module I learned the difference between a summer scarf and a winter scarf and took note of some more useful estimates of how many metres of yarn needed to make a scarf or shawl. This module also introduces a 5 step “How to design “thing”” formula which doesn’t really change lesson to lesson but is a useful scaffold for creating your very first independent designs.

After the headache that was Module 8, this was a nice simple module that included two patterns for pretty and simple scarfs. One made of basic trebles and tassels and another made from motifs.

The assessment went well enough. At least I understood it all!

Happy Hooking!

Liz x

EDIT:  I achieved a score of 100% for this module.

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