Crochet Diploma: Module 10

This module moved on to Afghans. I have never had much patience for large projects and have only completed a few. My favourite of which is the 5 point star blanket from The Crochet Crowd.

A 5 point star afghan for my daughter. Pattern by The Crochet Crowd.

After a rather (I feel) unnecessary paragraph explaining that an afghan and the tunisian crochet stitch, also referred to as an afghan stitch, are different things this lesson went over considering how an afghan will be stored, used or displayed before you pick your yarn. Pretty good advice.

The terminology lesson comparing afghans, graphgans, lapghans, and scrapghans was entertaining. Considering how much an afghan could cost in just materials alone was an eye opener. As an afghan can use over 3 kilometres of yarn, that adds up whether it is bought in the form of 50g merinos from overseas or your 200g value ball at the local $2 shop.

I really liked the suggested pattern in this module. It was called Sounds of Summer and it was very pretty. I will try and make it after my current WIPs are finished and off to their new homes.

As for the assessment, the weird wording has returned to the true or false questions but overall it was not too bad. Take note that there is a completely subjective question in here that has 3 marks. As I learned in school, say three relevant things that connect and you should be good to go.

Happy Hooking!

Liz x

EDIT: I received a mark of 93.75% for this module.


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