Crochet Diploma: Module 12

Bags! One of my first freeform projects was making a simple bag in the Doc McStuffins colours for my then toddler who loved carrying around her own doctor bag. This module also included an easy bag pattern which happened to be the same basic design as the Doc McStuffins one I made all those years ago.

Following on from the last module, this unit on designing bags focused on choosing the correct materials for the intended use of your bag. For example, using thick washable cotton for market bags or reserving dainty, embellished bags for display only or very gently occasional use. I had never considered lining a bag with fabric although now I think about it it is kind of a no brainer, especially for little purses.

Return of the math.

Don’t worry, this math actually made sense. Tension is really important when it comes to ensuring your base and handles are strong enough and don’t get pulled out of shape. But what tension also does is give us a stitch count per 10cm. We use this to calculate our number of stitches across and number of rows required.

Block all the swatches!

I also never considered blocking bags. I will definitely try this next time I make a market bag. I somewhat rage quit my market bags after I kept screwing up the handle placement which lead to a lovely, stretchy, wide bag that was unfortunately cinched together at the top instead of loose and open. One day I shall have a grocery bag I can actually fit groceries in thanks to some of the tips in this module. The assessment was only 9 questions and was not too difficult.

Module 12 done and dusted. 5 to go. The end is in sight my friends!

Happy Hooking!

Liz x

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