Crochet Diploma: Module 13

In this module, we tackle jumpers (sweaters for our US friends). For many, it is our first complicated large project. The lesson goes over a few different types of jumpers and their general shape and includes a good reference guide for how many metres of yarn you will need for each yarn weight and jumper size combination.

An important part of designing jumpers is sizing, including ease and tension. This course covered ease before and those notes are invaluable to designing your own jumper whether it is a granny square jumper or made all in one piece then sewn together.

My first jumper was made by copying the measurements from a baby jumper I had bought from a store and it worked – mostly. The sleeves were a little wide but it was cute and soft.

baby jumper
My Size 1 (Aus) baby jumper in DK/8ply and treble crochet (UK)

The final part of this assessment includes an easy pattern recipe for a drop shoulder jumper and it is assumed you have made it in order to answer the 8 assessment questions.

Almost there! The next four modules are all about business practices.

Happy Hooking!

Liz x

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