Bumblebees for Spring!

It’s spring in Sydney and that means fresh strawberries, flowers and ice cold lemonade feature heavily in our weekends. Lottie is almost 3 and really into tea parties and role playing with food. I have to check the grill for plastic donuts before putting on dinner!

I used HappyBerry Crochet’s wonderful pattern to create this strawberry –

– which was such a hit I’m going to make a few more for the play kitchen.

Today’s project though is this bumble bee courtesy of  Mohu Blog and it turned out great!

I’ll be knocking out a few more for a friend’s little girls as soon as I’ve got more wool and a rattle ball to pop in the middle. I made the wings bigger and just did simpler eyes than in the pattern.

Both the strawberries and the bees take less an an hour to complete and make great gifts or additions to a home made mobile.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Liz x


Star Baby Afghan

I’ve been wanting to try this pattern for a while and now that I’ve gotten into it I don’t know what intimidated me so much about it!

I followed The Crochet Crowd‘s fantastic pattern and it’s coming together quick. Little Lottie thinks I’m making her a snowflake so I’ll keep going in alternate blues in DC then add a white SC & scalloped edge.

My ultimate goal is to make this amazing Mario star I saw on Pinterest as well as a bright rainbow one.

Has anyone else done a star afghan? Any issues I should look out for?

Liz x

Thick SC Winter Scarf

It took 2 weeks longer than expected but I’ve finally finished this beautifully thick and warm scarf for my sister.

Considering it’s already snowing in parts of Canberra, I’m keen to send it to her this week (after I’ve weaved in the ends of course).

It was super easy. Just chain the width you want and single crochet (U.S stitch) as many rows as needed until you hit the length you want. The thick wool worked up really neatly.

Liz x

My First Doll

My first attempt at a full size doll for Lottie is going surprisingly well!

Granny squares, scarves, beanies and headbands I can handle but doing a complicated project is so exciting.

I’ll post full pics and detail when she’s done but here’s my progress so far using AmigurumiToGo.com’s pattern.

Sorry for crappy pic. I took it at 1am.

Liz x

Crochet Cupcakes!

My new favourite project is making these sweet little crochet cupcakes. I’ve added a few of my own touches and changes to Itsy Knitsy’s pattern to create a baby safe cupcake that makes a sweet addition to any tea party.


I’ve consulted Pinterest and found some great decoration ideas that doesn’t include tiny pieces or pom poms that might detach in little hands. Hopefully soon I can show you some Etsy ready cupcakes with sprinkles and swirls!

Liz x