Towards Spring 

The florist near my work writes these nice little quotes on her chalk board every day.

The little quotes and pretty flowers make me happy when I go for a walk during my work day.

And the beautiful weather we’ve had lately makes everything better.

Liz x


August means Birthdays!

It’s all about the birthday parties this month. Our little lady has back to back parties and is loving every minute of celebrating with her friends.

Her writing skills are coming along great and we make a special point of Lottie writing her friend’s name on their card all by herself. 

I’ve just booked her birthday party for November and am up to my ears in vendor quotes for cake, custom cookies, balloons and her special surprise gift. 

I love planning her the perfect day to make her feel special. The effort is worth the memories.

Liz x

Super Easy Scones

This is my variation of classic 3 ingredient scones. I can whip these up in 20 minutes to go with a cup of tea on a Saturday afternoon or at 9.30pm on a weeknight for work lunches the next day (more like ‘days’, the yield on this is quite big).

I’ve played around with ingredients, ratios and kneading and found this recipe gets the best results.


  • 3c Self Raising Flour
  • 1c Soda Water
  • 1c Thickened Cream


  1. Preheat oven to 180° C
  2. Mix together flour, soda water and cream gently with a wooden spoon until it comes together in a tacky dough.
  3. Turn dough out onto floured surface and press together into one smooth mass. Do not knead as I’ve found this knocks the air out of the dough and results in flat, biscuit looking scones 😦
  4. Gently roll out to 1.5cm thickness with a rolling pin and cut scones out with a round cookie cuttter (I use a wine glass for this part!)
  5. Place onto a baking paper lined tray and bake for 17-20mins or until golden.
  6. Serve with jam and freshly whipped cream.

Makes 18

I have kept these in the freezer, in a baking paper lined tupperware container, for a week and found them to still be light and tasty when defrosted.


Lemonade (Sprite/7Up) instead of Soda Water = light lemon taste to finished scones, raises the same in the oven.

Dried Fruit = sultanas, dried apricots or dehydrated berries can be mixed in with the ingredients in the bowl or pressed in to the dough without effecting cooking times


Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Slightly sick of years of paying $45pp for High Tea each May (and alarmed at a guest list of 10+) I decided to host my own this Mother’s Day.

It was our first event in our new place and was a complete success! Any one just starting life with marriage, kids and setting up homes will understand that things have always been a little too small, not enough chairs, ran out of plates, only Peppa Pug cups left – but not this time. This time was our chance to host a really great afternoon for our families.

(Lottie “helped” with the jelly)

Hubby’s mother made tons of finger sandwiches and his little sister made a beautiful chocolate cake. Tea and conversation flowed and Grandmother-in-Law declared my scones ‘incredible’! I loved seeing so many people we love (12 of us all up) so happy and relaxed. It was a perfect day.

The most perfect part of my Mother’s Day was sharing it with my little Lottie. Her cuddles, her stories and the cupcake she iced and decorated for me were the greatest gifts I could ask for.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums/aunts/grandmothers/guardians who’s posts I read with interest, love and empathy.

Liz x

Liz & Lottie’s Little Library

Everyone said that flood was a blessing in disguise – and they were right.

As we settle into our second new home of 2016, the feel of everything falling into place, the warmth of our books and pictures everywhere, Lottie’s toys scattered lovingly around her room and finding all the little things – throw rugs, balls of yarn, tea cups – that have been hiding in boxes just make us happier and happier.

My husband and I catch ourselves wandering from room to room smiling at each other and utterly content with where we are.

I wanted to share some images of my favourite project, our library.


Lottie’s reading is coming along wonderfully. She recognises most of the letters of the alphabet, and runs to find the letter your name starts with when you come over to visit. She knows her friend Audrey starts with A and Beau starts with B. She ever spelled out ‘Pig the Pug’ after the story book they’re reading at preschool this month.

Reading brought me more joy than anything growing up and it still does as an adult. It’s wonderful to see my little one discovering that same excitement in opening up a story book.

Liz x

Wine and roses

The best part of the week is Saturday mornings. They’re almost magical. The cool breeze, sunshine, birds singing and dew drying on the trees and little Lottie holding my hand as we walk up the road to our new favourite cafe in our new neighbourhood.

The fresh flowers, the children running around, parents enjoying their time together over lattes and chia blueberry muffins. My lovely husband and I restocked our little cellar on Saturday. Sipping Merlot over homemade pizza after the little one goes to bed is just perfection. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Liz x

Coffee and Sunshine

So it’s been almost a week since we lost our home to flooding from a hot water system and we’re holding up ok. The in-laws took us in and have been a wonderful source of support through this. But living out of suitcases on the floor is not a long or even short term solution and I’ve started house hunting. I did not expect to fall in love with the second place I inspected but no one ever expects to fall in love with anyone/thing. We’ll see how our application pans out.

Today however is a glorious Saturday to be enjoyed. There’s the most beautiful little cafe just a stone’s throw from here so I’ve got my hipster-mummy-Sydneysider coffee fix for the day.

01 fortybaskets

It’s heading up to 30C but Little Lottie is bundled up in a beautiful yellow hand knitted jumper her grandmother got her. I gave her a floppy straw hat before she went on her walk with her grandparents (she was awfully upset that she couldn’t find the hat with the flowers on it) and she told me, “I am a happy sunshine now! Let’s go to the park!”.

Yes, you are a happy ray of sunshine my dear girl. Never change.

Liz xx

A time to be grateful

The Easter long weekend is for family, relaxing and reflection.


Then the hot water tank bursts just a week after the car’s gear box starts playing up and that idyllic weekend in the country with warm socks, happy children in white linen dresses, wine, food and laughter turns into soaking up 2 inches of water from the flooded living room.

Thankfully we’re OK, no one was burned or injured and we don’t seem to have lost much property. I think. Haven’t fully inspected the damage yet.

Right now I have to remember that I’ve done all I can do. Everyone has been called, the water was mopped up and the windows opened to help dry out the floor. It’s time to take a breath, take it one step at a time and maybe take Lottie to the playground.