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Testing the 100 Cookie Recipe

I’ll admit I was skeptical but little Lottie and I gave it a shot and now we are drowning in cookies! We got over 100 cookies and there is still a good chunk of dough left in the freezer. We went with Lottie’s favourite…

Our Play Kitchen hack

Our makeover of a second hand freebie into a beautiful, stylish kids kitchen for our mini Masterchef is complete!

My Essentials; VeraTemp No Contact Themometer

VeraTemp contacless digital thermometer. Point & Click. That’s it. Letting sick babies sleep.

Preschool Reading Lessons with an Alphabet Puzzle

$8 alphabet puzzle. A cheap and visual tool for helping preschoolers with their literacy.

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Slightly sick of years of paying $45pp for High Tea each May (and alarmed at a guest list of 10+) I decided to host my own this Mother’s Day. It was our first event in our new place and was a complete success! Any…

If lost…

For my stubborn 3yr old who is a “big girl” and can “walk by herself” no matter how big the crowd.

ABC Reading Eggs – Learn to Read program 3-7yrs

We just did our first ABC Reading Eggs lesson and Little Lottie is happily writing ‘m’ all over her notebook at the kitchen counter. She’s turning 3 in a few weeks but loves singing the alphabet, pointing out letters and loved Jolly Phonics at daycare…