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Inspiring Bloggers/Vloggers

It takes a village to raise a child – and that village is there for mums too. These are some parents who’s blogs give me hope, inspiration, comfort and remind me that I’m not alone on my parenting journey.

Jamerril Stewart, The Encouraging Homeschool Mom & Vlogs

Nicci, A Farmhouse Full & Vlogs


This list is a mixture of Australian programs and websites, awesome resources from American homeschoolers, and other educational websites I find useful.

ABC Reading Eggs (Australian program, international access)

A brilliant, beginner basics – senior primary school learn to read program that blends online interactive lessons with workbooks and readers. My 3 year old LOVES these bite size lessons and her confidence is soaring with trying to tackle her little Stage 1 readers by herself. I cannot recommend ABC Reading Eggs enough for anyone looking to support their child learning to read. (US)

Jamerill Stewart’s wonderful website is stuffed full of educational resources and downloads. Personally I find her blog of stories from daily ‘mom life’ to be my favourite part.

BookShark (US)

A link I followed from lead me to this great web store full of book packs for each grade level and educational books on all subjects. Yes, they ship internationally!

Ted Ed

Animated, visual based, short videos of interesting concepts and facts. It’s easier to just watch one and you’ll see what I mean. They animate and explain lateral thinking questions and riddles, philosophical concepts, political systems and how they work, the metric system, nature and environment, writing and so many other interesting topics.

YouTube Channels

Crash Course Kids

A kids version of the popular Crash Course channel run by Hank & John Green which breaks down science concepts into easy to digest videos.

For older children, adults and interested young kids you can’t beat;

 Periodic Videos (UK)

Entertaining, interesting and often visually stunning chemistry videos featuring an adorably entertaining chemistry professor, his hair, and the science faculty.

Veritasium (Aust)

Named as “the element of truth” these videos cover general science concepts but focus on physics.

Numberphile. (UK)

Made by the same guy who produces the Periodic Videos channel, these vids are about mathematics and feature faculty of the math department of the same uni as Periodic Videos breaking down university level math concepts, theories and research,

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