♡ Mom On The Go Planner ♡

Our April was completely taken over with the chaos of moving house. In all the packing and stress and chaos, I lost the one thing keeping all the loose ends straight in my head – my precious rose gold Kmart/Kikki K planner! It was missing for weeks. Seriously I couldn’t find it anywhere. All our appointments and reminders and Lottie’s school stuff was spread over … Continue reading ♡ Mom On The Go Planner ♡

Wine and roses

The best part of the week is Saturday mornings. They’re almost magical. The cool breeze, sunshine, birds singing and dew drying on the trees and little Lottie holding my hand as we walk up the road to our new favourite cafe in our new neighbourhood. The fresh flowers, the children running around, parents enjoying their time together over lattes and chia blueberry muffins. My lovely … Continue reading Wine and roses

Escape to the Country

My subscription to Country Style has been like a comforting cup of tea or slipping into a warm bath. Relaxing, restoring and inspiring. Hubby’s family has a beautiful country retreat in the lovely NSW Southern Highlands. Curled up in a throw rug with my crocheting and yet another cuppa, I’m missing ‘Rosedale’ and its roses, fireplace and jigsaw puzzles. My Lottie roaming around her favourite … Continue reading Escape to the Country