Beautiful birthday wool

My husband did well this year. Not only did he totally surprise me but he got me something I absolutely love!

This sampler of RichMore Percent 1/100 is one of my favourite gifts ever.

It’s so soft and the colours are just gorgeous. I cannot wait to make something special out of these little beauties. But what? A patchwork granny square blanket? Multi coloured scarf? I will have so much fun deciding.

Liz x


♡ Mom On The Go Planner ♡

Our April was completely taken over with the chaos of moving house. In all the packing and stress and chaos, I lost the one thing keeping all the loose ends straight in my head – my precious rose gold Kmart/Kikki K planner!

It was missing for weeks. Seriously I couldn’t find it anywhere. All our appointments and reminders and Lottie’s school stuff was spread over post it notes, phone calendar apps and my frazzled brain.

So a few weeks ago I took the plunge and bought myself an early birthday present – a Mom On The Go planner from In The Leafy Tree Tops.

I am not an LDS mum so the Mormon Mom Planner wasn’t the right fit for me but I was so impressed by the gorgeous and thoughtful layout of their non-denominational Mom On The Go planner! I have now binge watched what seems like every MOTG planner review and unboxing on YouTube I knew it would be exactly what I needed and I was right! I love this planner.

The Home + Family section at the back with pages for your spouse and children is especially useful. I have teacher contacts and shoes sizes with me all the time. The monthly planning sections at the front and back of each month section has plenty of space to manage home, work, kids, medication, crochet WIPs, business & blog goals and anything else I need to track. And now that I’ve used a vertical three part day weekly spread, I don’t think I can ever go back!

I can’t thank Melinda from In The Leafy Treetops enough for designing such a functional and beautiful planner. Oh and as for shipping to far flung Sydney, Australia from Salt Lake City, USA? It only took two weeks. Trust me, that is great timing for something like this to be delivered from overseas. Check out the gorgeous range at

[Not sponsored, just a fan]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This time of year is always so busy but in the best way. Ballet performance night is coming up, Santa photos, Christmas parties and pretty decorations everywhere.


We already have our tree up and it’s my favourite one yet! I love red, gold, lights and decorations lovingly made by tiny hands covered in finger paint.


Not the best picture but you can’t beat those nights when the tree is the only light in the room.

Liz x

Wine and roses

The best part of the week is Saturday mornings. They’re almost magical. The cool breeze, sunshine, birds singing and dew drying on the trees and little Lottie holding my hand as we walk up the road to our new favourite cafe in our new neighbourhood.

The fresh flowers, the children running around, parents enjoying their time together over lattes and chia blueberry muffins. My lovely husband and I restocked our little cellar on Saturday. Sipping Merlot over homemade pizza after the little one goes to bed is just perfection. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Liz x

Escape to the Country

My subscription to Country Style has been like a comforting cup of tea or slipping into a warm bath. Relaxing, restoring and inspiring.

Hubby’s family has a beautiful country retreat in the lovely NSW Southern Highlands. Curled up in a throw rug with my crocheting and yet another cuppa, I’m missing ‘Rosedale’ and its roses, fireplace and jigsaw puzzles.

My Lottie roaming around her favourite garden in the world.

I love my barista made coffee, a dozen beaches to choose from and Sydney Harbour a stones throw away but I can’t help but wonder – what would a tree change be like?

A little cottage with lots of tea cups, cozy rugs, meaningful art work and some rose bushes. Lottie can have a duck or two. We could grow olives and avocados. Lots of love, good wine, home made food and of course plenty of hand made toys and blankets. It’s a rather attractive idea.

Liz x