Finishing the Crochet Diploma: Certificates & Thoughts

So two months later. Here we are and here are the certificates I received from Centre of Excellence for completing the Crochet Diploma. They took about 4 weeks and 6 weeks to arrive in Sydney from the United Kingdom.



Overall, I really really enjoyed the course. Learned a few new things and picked up some neat basic patterns for my collection. For £29 this particular course was definitely worth it. The certificates look nicer and more professional than my actual Diploma certificates in my resume portfolio folder.

I am a little suspicious of some of the other things offered by the Centre of Excellence, and the Complimentary Medical Association “accreditation” that is pretty much offered to anyone who did any of the CoE courses in anything. Reiki, angel healing, and knitting are listed right next to psychology and counselling and earn the same “CMA” designation as each other. Make your own call in regards to what you’d like to learn, how you’d like to use those skills and how local laws and regulations apply in your country.

If you’d like to have a look at the Centre of Excellence and their crochet course, click here. Keep an eye out for coupon codes on their Facebook page in the lead up to holidays such as Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who came along on this journey with me. Happy Hooking!

Liz x


Beginning the Crochet Diploma

So I was scrolling through Facebook one day, as you do, when I came across someone mention a “Crochet Diploma” on one of the groups I follow.

wtf? A crochet diploma?

Off I went googling my heart out and I landed on two such courses.

The course the poster was talking about seems to be the International Diploma of Crochet run by the legendary Pauline Turner. You can find all the information on her course here on the Crochet Design website.

The other was a “Diploma” on the Centre of Excellence UK website that hosts quick, fun, online courses in lots of different areas.

Diploma header

I came back to wordpress looking for any other crocheters who have done this course and blogged about what they learned or gained from it. I found a few posts on Coastal Crochet‘s blog but not much more, so I thought I would give it a go and blog the journey.

As I was looking for just a bit of fun I opted for the Centre of Excellence’s course. It is listed at £127 however there are two very useful discount codes if this is out of your price range.

Leading up to Mothering Sunday in the UK, use MUMGIFT to get any Centre of Excellence course for £29.

Or, use LEARNUK for a 60% discount.

Obviously, these things aren’t accredited however, the Centre of Excellence can provide a statement of learning outcomes from an accredited educational body if you would like.

I am now all enrolled and ready to get hooking. I have been crocheting for most of my life and crocheting seriously for 7 years but there is always more to learn and I am particularly looking forward to the tunisian crochet and writing your own patterns for publication sections.

There are 17 modules in the course and I hope to complete it by the time I return to my full time job in June 2019.

Come along for the journey and hit the follow button on the right -> to be updated when I publish a new blog post.

Happy hooking,