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Travel bug

We’re slowly but surely acting on our plan to explore more of Australia. Hubby & I have seen 7 out of 8 states/territories but we want to explore them all again as a family. We’ve taken Lottie to 4 so far.

Rainbow Baby Crochet Beanie 🌈 

I thought it would take a few tries to find a colour combination I was happy with but I actually love how my first attempt turned out. I used Sewrella’s Parker baby hat pattern and the colours fit perfectly.

Towards Spring 

The florist near my work writes these nice little quotes on her chalk board every day. The little quotes and pretty flowers make me happy when I go for a walk during my work day. And the beautiful weather we’ve had lately makes everything…

Best part of mornings… 💕

Sick kiddo means mummy needs a little latte and a lot of love… The little heart on my coffee actually cheered me up so much this morning so I thought I’d share it.